going obsessively through the killers vevo like

i don’t know what the hell that is but i can relate

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This Is Your Life on Lollapalooza Brazil, 29.03.13

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happy woman crush wendesday here’s perfection in 2 pictures

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my uncle used to be one of those people who drove dead people to cemeteries and such 

then he became a taxi driver and the person he was driving tapped his shoulder to ask a question and my uncle screamed really loud


I’m sure that’s what he thought.

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sometimes i remember that like white people dont eat rice that often like sometimes they have meals that are just meat and vegetables and its like??? wheres the rice??? what are you doing??? your plate isnt complete??? 

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heres a fun fact that shows a lot about me: im pretty allergic to bananas but didn’t know it at all growing up until one day when i was like 17 i was like “man, i love bananas. theyre always so tangy and make ur mouth all tingly” and my friend was like “thats. definitley not what a banana is supposed to be like” one doctors trip later, turns out im fucking allergic to bananas.  

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Brandon flowers Live At KROQ

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A photo of Debbie Harry and Siouxsie Sioux


A photo of Debbie Harry and Siouxsie Sioux

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Anonymous said: Do you have an Instagram fellow victim? :)

yes I dooo. it’s neonlisa :)

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Photo by: Erik Weiss

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how do i stop growing up this isn’t fun anymore

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